20 Reasons to Drink Smoothies

Most of us want to be healthier but cannot always fit working out or fiddly recipes into our busy lifestyles.

Smoothies are a great way to improve your health with very little effort. There is a wide assortment of smoothie makers on the market, which means smoothies are so quick and easy to make, so there really is no excuse not to get started.

  1. Fruit & vegetables – daily allowance. It is hard to eat the daily recommendations of fruits and vegetables, as it currently stands at 8 portions a day. Blending a smoothie with say, 4 portions per time, would help you to ensure you meet your daily nutritional requirements.
  1. Weight loss is easier. Cut out the yoyo diets and eat a more balanced diet. Losing weight is easy as there are less calories in smoothies than some of the naughtier foods we crave. Slim down the healthier way drinking delicious smoothies.
  1. Healthy ingredients. The number of healthy ingredients available for smoothies is limitless. Fruits and vegetables, spices, superfoods etc. The possibilities really are endless.
  1. Setting your health goals and sticking to it. Bespoke your smoothies to meet your desired health needs and goals.
  1. Eating healthily doesn’t have to taste bad. With so many recipes to choose from, finding one or more to please your palate is a breeze.
  1. Quick and easy to prepare. Making your own smoothie at home doesn’t take as long as preparing most meals, giving you more time for other things. Taking a smoothie with you to school, work or anywhere is really convenient.
  1. Improved digestion. Smoothies make you more ‘regular’. If you suffer with constipation, indigestion or bloating they can really help. Smoothies can ease the burden on your digestive system due to the fact you will be ingesting way more of the dietary fiber you need.
  1. Body Detoxing. We are exposed to and bombarded by thousands of chemicals in our every day lives. This means your body absolutely needs to detoxify. Detoxifying ingredients that are particularly brilliant are things like dandelion greens and kale.  Add these to your smoothies to aid your body’s detoxification processes.
  1. Kids like smoothies. Kids can be a real challenge when it comes to healthy eating. Fortunately, most kids love the taste of a creamy smoothie naturally sweetened by fruit or a good sweetener like honey or maple syrup. You can hide veggies in your kid’s smoothies too, so they will never know.
  1. Eating healthier can give you radiant skin, hair, and nails. Supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it requires to grow healthier hair and make your skin glow.
  1. Healthy eating education. By learning what constitutes a healthy smoothie, you’ll also educate yourself on what a healthy diet comprises of. This will allow you to make better dietary decisions in general.
  1. Build muscle and improve athletic performance. Provide your body with the nutrients it needs to excel during athletic competition, and recover and rebuild after working out. It’s easier for your body to absorb and assimilate the nutrients in a smoothie as opposed to a meal.
  1. You can consume a smoothie for or with any meal or at any time. They take so little time to make too, saving you time to do other things.
  1. Improved sleep. Improving your health by consuming healthy smoothies almost always results in better sleep at night.
  1. Fun! Creating your own smoothies/recipes can be fun. You can become an artist, mixing and matching various smoothie ingredients.
  1. Reduce cravings. Craving sweets and unhealthy foods comes from eating an unbalanced diet. Reduce these cravings by eating more nutrients.
  1. Brain function. Give your brain all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to improve your mental clarity, focus, and memory. No more foggy brain.
  1. Strengthen your immune system. We all hate being sick. Eating more healthily can reduce the number of times you become sick by strengthening your immune system.
  1. Experience a renewed sense of calm and well-being that good health leads to. Be in a good mood all the time.
  1. Supply your body with the right fuel for more energy in the short and long term.

Consuming healthy smoothies daily, is really beneficial for a number of reasons. Smoothies are a delicious way of eating the daily, healthy nutrients you need, whilst being easy and hassle free to make. Being healthy couldn’t be more simple.