3 Ways to Welcome a New Employee

Once you’ve officially hired a new employee, it’s time to give him a warm welcome. Let him feel that his presence in your company is important from then on.

To make this possible, you must have a brilliant welcome strategy. According to a substantial amount of research, this significantly increases employee retention rates. Employees who feel welcome from the start are more likely to stay.

If you have no welcome strategy in place yet, it’s about time to make one.

Here are some ways that can help.

1 – Introduce Him to His Colleagues

Firstly, it’s basic to tell the members of your company that you have a new hire.

That way, they won’t start guessing his identity once they see him around. In turn, the new hire won’t feel like a stranger.

You may gather all your employees in one room, and then officially introduce the new guy to them. Inform them of the new guy’s position.

For example, your new hire is named Pete. So, you should say something like this:

“Everybody, this is Pete. He’s the new HR specialist. You can approach him for your concerns”.

And as you introduce the new guy, let the others shake his hand for their own introductions, too. Allow all of them to form a new friendship.

Not only does this help build your new hire’s esteem, this also promotes a friendly culture in your company, which is linked to raised productivity levels.

2 – Provide an Identification Card

It’s also a winning idea to hand out an identification card to your new hire. Assign him an ID with your company’s logo — topped off with his name and position in the company.

Seeing his name will make him confident in his employment. Especially if his seasoned colleagues already have IDs, it’s only right to provide him with his own ID, too. Ultimately, this will make him feel that he’s part of the team.

And beyond making him feel welcome, this gives him the message that you’re proud of the fact that he works for you.

Providing an ID to the new guy is a smart approach because he can use it for other non-work related purposes. He can use it to verify his identification and/or support other identification documents, especially whenever he travels.

You may get more information at https://www.easyidcard.com/. There, you can make an ID card, and then have it ready in a few minutes!

3 – Be Genuinely Interested in Him

And of course, the new guy will feel welcome if he knows you’re interested in him professionally. If you go out of your way to have a decent conversation with him and get to know his personality, he’ll definitely want to be around for your company.

For example, take 10 minutes off just to talk about his personal goals. You may ask him what he looks forward to and the active ways he’s doing to make it happen.

Doing the opposite will shoo him away. After all, it’s almost the worst thing to have a boss who doesn’t care.


Remember that it’s important to make all your employees — and not just the new guy — always feel welcome in your company. So, acknowledge them and don’t give them a reason to leave.

If they feel that you — the big boss — value them, they’ll gladly return the favor.