A Charity Event

I have to admit, I love my job. I work for a small company that produces disposable cups which we supply to a number of large chain stores. The cups we produce are environmentally friendly and made from paper which is made from trees sourced from sustainable forests. The company prides itself on this, and is its main selling point. The shops that use our products advertise this and they say that they attract customers through the products.

The company supports a different charity each year, and often run large promotional campaigns to fund raise for the charities. The managing director asked the staff to suggest a new idea for the next campaign and the company decided that each member of staff should try to raise money by doing something healthy. This could be a fun run, a sponsored walk, an assault course or something similar. The group of friends I have at work suggested that we take six months to train, and compete in an iron man style contest within the company. While none of us were athletes, we would be able to compete against each other, and it would be a fun occasion and definitely not too serious.

A decision was made that if we could get 100 entrants and arrange which events would be involved, the company would donate ten percent on top of each entrant’s sponsorship money.

Organising Role

I was voted to organise the time, date, location and activities throughout the day of the charity drive. After some consultation between the entrants, it was decided that we would undertake a mini triathlon. We would partake in a 2km run, 1km swim and a 5km bike ride. While this sounded achievable, we would all need to train up in order to finish the course, I for one couldn’t take the embarrassment of having to give up half way.

The day was planned and generously a local leisure centre donated the space for us to hold the events. This meant that all of the money raised throughout the day could go directly to the charity. The venue also gave all of the entrants a free six-month gym pass, this was a great way for everyone to raise their fitness levels, and no one would have to pay, there was literally no excuse.

I teamed up with a good friend so we could write a training plan, and because we weren’t self-reliant to train, we had each other there to push and motivate during our training sessions.

Harder Than I Has Imagined

Growing up I had a strange level of fitness that seemed to maintain itself without too much work. I stupidly thought that this would still be the case, but after our first training session, I was brought back to earth with a bang, my fitness levels were terrible. I don’t know why I thought I would find all of this exercise easy, I hadn’t run in around ten years.

I decided that would need some kind of secret weapon to help me along the way. I looked around and found some information on training regimes. Many professional personal trainers suggested that a rowing machine was a great way of raising fitness levels and giving the body an all over workout. I had space in my apartment so went in search for my own rowing machine. I found a website called http://www.rowflow.net/, it gave me all of the information I needed to buy a suitable machine. It was cost effective and folded up nicely so I could store it in my apartment with ease.

Three months into our training regime and I felt fitter than had done in years, and soon enough, the day of the event came around.

The Mini Triathlon

While there were 100 entrants, the staff that were too old or unfit to enter turned up to cheer us all on, along with family and friends of most who attended. Many people had thought of different ways in which to raise money for the charity. There were refreshment stands, cake stands and numerous games and attractions which would help to reach our target amount of cash.

I am proud to say that the whole day was a complete success and each of the entrants completed the course, even if some took a little longer than others. We managed to raise a total of $16,000 for the charity, which was greatly received.

Due to the success of the event, I have been asked to hold a similar event next year, only this time I think I may pretend there is too much to arrange to take part in the competition.