An A-Lister For the Evening

Going out in Hollywood has become a lot more work lately. I mean, the clubs are getting even more crowded than usual. My girls and I went out to Supper Club on Friday night to see Ice Cube. It was a great show, Cube was totally on his game and the crowd was totally into it. But getting in was such a hassle. The line took forever and while security was respectful for the most part, there were a few guys who were getting pretty surly with the patrons who had come out for the show. Not that I can say I blame them. We saw a few pretend VIP’s hassling the doormen because they weren’t getting in fast enough and we noticed a couple of parties who thought a lot more highly of themselves than perhaps they should have. I mean, come on, we’re all here to see the same show, we all have tickets, they’ll get us all in on time. No one has any patience anymore I guess.

But let’s back up, before we went out, me and the girls were all at Deanna’s house getting ready. We each had a glass of wine as we got dressed and did our hair and makeup. I had left my flat iron at my place by mistake, which was a total rookie mistake, by the way. I had to borrow Lori’s and it’s funny how things just always work out in the end. It was a pretty amazing flat iron and, of course, Lori found it online. That girl is always shopping on the Internet and she finds some great stuff for herself and for her girls. She’s definitely the best gift-giver among all of us. So, obviously, I had to ask her where she got it and she told me about this website with flat iron reviews. This was just one of the many hair-styling tools that Lori brought over with her. That girl is a pack-horse when she leaves her apartment. I think she had everything from her bathroom with her. She looked hot too. Tell you the truth, we all did.

Anyway, we got in and the floor was already packed. The bars were full as you might expect, so getting our drinks on took a little longer than we anticipated. We met a few guys at the bar who offered to buy a round, but we declined. It’s not that kind of night boys. We’re here for Ice Cube not for getting picked up. They seemed nice enough but this was a girls night out and it was going to stay that way. Plus, Deanna’s boyfriend probably wouldn’t have been all that thrilled if we were chatting up a bunch of guys with her. She’s the only one who has a boyfriend among us and that can get kind of awkward for her. I can totally understand.

So as I said before, Ice Cube was pretty awesome. After the show was over, none of us were ready to go home, so Lori suggested we go up the street to Playhouse. Some DJ named Bee Fowl was playing and Lori said she’s heard him before, over at Greystone Manor I think it was. So we all figured, why not, let’s head over. Another line at the door but we charmed our way in. There were some paparazzi guys out front, not sure who was inside, because we didn’t see anyone famous, but they were there. As we were walking in, they yelled at us to turn around and suddenly a few flashbulbs went off! They were snapping our pictures. One of them called out “Selena”! And we started to laugh, they thought Lori was Selena Gomez! How funny is that?? Obviously, we totally played it up and let them snap a few pictures before we went inside. Totally made our night and Lori laughed about it. That was pretty cool though. Never had any paparazzi take our pictures before. Though I think they probably figured it out the next day when they tried to sell their snaps to TMZ or Hollywood Life. We haven’t seen the photos on any of the gossip sites yet. But it was certainly fun to feel like an A-lister! I think it was all because of that flat iron! That thing is amazing!