Debunking Common Myths About Cannabis Products

Growing up, I was led to believe that marijuana is in the same class with hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. However, lately there has been discoveries, and people now understand the various applications of this plant. The stigmatization around the cannabis plant is now fading, and people are starting to explore the bright side of this plant. Some people still hold some myths around this plant, and that is why various countries are taking longer to understand the benefits. If you are still not sure of what cannabis is, this article will debunk some of the myths for you

All cannabis produces a high effect

No True. The reason why most people stigmatize marijuana is that recreational cannabis contains a substance that makes people high. However, some products like hemp and CBD oils have low traces of THC which is the component that creates a sense of euphoria. It thus means that when you take CBD and hemp oil, you benefit from the medical benefits and you will not get high. For the cannabis product to be psychoactive, it should have a concentration of about 30% THC. Just check the concentration of THC before you commit to buy your preferred product.

Cannabis products will give the same effects irrespective of how you take them

It is not true. CBD products come in different forms such as supplements, edibles, powder, wax, and even oils. Smoking provides instantaneous results, and that is why those who take recreational marijuana prefers it. CBD in the form of wax also works very fast on the designated parts. It is very effective when you want to relieve from pains or nausea. The effects of the CBD products will take time to show if you take cannabis-infused foods unlike when you vaporize. Just explore what suits you best before you make your decision.

You cannot overdose on cannabis products

An overdose means that you take more than your body can hold. It can either happen in medicines and also on other hard drugs. If you take recreational marijuana, you can suffer from an overdose. Some of the effects of an overdose include paranoia, dizziness, loss of coordination and anxiety. However, an overdose of marijuana will not kill you as research indicates. According to a petition from a past ruling, for every 15 minutes, you need to take about 15,000 pounds of marijuana for your case to become fatal.

Medical cannabis will kill your brain cells

Weed can be addictive, but CBD products are not. The University of Louisville from the United States conducted a study that concluded that long use of medical cannabis would not kill your brain cells. The study found out that CBD products create a good environment for the growth of new brain cells.

Will all the information floating around the internet, it can be hard to know who to believe. The only to land at good products and information is when you explore a detailed review of the products from vendors such as Elixinol as experts do it.