Keeping Warm through Winter – Why we Crave Sweet and Savory Meals over the Colder Months

Winter is the time of the year where people all over the world prepare for fun, festivities and food. Whilst most people enjoy quick snacks and light meals over summer time, winter is ideal for wholesome family meals and sweet, hot beverages – a time in which you can truly kick back and enjoy the delights that the festive season has to offer.

As such, this article aims to equip you with a few recipes that can help you keep warm over the winter months – and help you share your festive feelings with friends and family.

The Natural Calls of the Winter Months

Recent research has suggested that there are a few reasons why we tend to eat more during winter, most of which date back to before we had supermarkets and convenience stores. You see, in the past, humans would have to stock up food for winter, since many of the common vegetables and plants we dieted on wouldn’t grow during the cold months. This meant that we would have to stock up before the food stopped growing, or face the daunting possibility of running out of food. And in a similar way to bears, squirrels and other animals in the wild, humans would overeat so as to store energy for when food was scarce.

Another reason why we tend to eat a lot over winter is because our bodies require fuel to keep warm. As such, during colder times, you will have to eat more in order to maintain the same energy levels, simply because more of your energy is utilized to keep your body at optimal operating temperature. This is also why snacks and light meals are so great for hot summer months, as your body doesn’t need to use energy to keep warm. So don’t be concerned that you maybe eat more during winter, as it’s actually necessary in order to stay comfortable, cozy and healthy.

The Right Ingredients for Keeping Warm

When approaching the winter months, we all tend to start craving certain types of food – particularly carbohydrates and sugar. This is because these types of energy can be easily stored as fat, which your body can then utilize at a later stage. As such, pies, pastries and hot-served pasta are ideal for winter, and can be perfectly complemented with hot chocolate and other warm beverages. Great ideas for festive food and drinks when it’s time to warm up include:

  • Homemade Meat Pies – This age old tradition is packed with meaty goodness and enveloped in warm, crispy pastry. These can also be made to various sizes to suit individuals, couples or an entire family if necessary.
  • Vietnamese Beef Pho – While this meal may not be entirely traditional, it can certainly hit the spot as it offers a variety of tasty ingredients – all mixed into a soup-like broth. The best part about this meal is that you can utilize almost any ingredients you want to, and can even choose to cook a vegetarian version if ham or beef strips are not to your liking.
  • Breakfast Burritos – There are few other breakfasts that can provide the fantastic kick start that a breakfast burrito can. Packed with beef or turkey and garnished with red onion, garlic powder and paprika, this meal is a personal favorite for many Americans who are eager to get up early and get the most out of each day.

While there are still thousands of other recipes that can help you keep warm during the winter season, these three recipes are easy to learn and even easier to cook. Just be sure to stay conscious of your health, as it’s easy to forget about your physique when you’re simply enjoying the holiday season.