Life Laundry

Life of late had been a bit crazy, not sure what happened really. I had been in a long term relationship, we had started off as good friends and that is how it stayed…friends. To be honest we never should have got married, we should have just stayed friends.

My partner was a good man but we had stopped connecting. We got on ok but were just going through the motions.

We went on like this for about a year before he mentioned it and asked if I was happy. I said I wasn’t unhappy but something wasn’t right. We decided to separate. In the time we were separated he met someone else. I knew I didn’t feel the same about him because I was happy for him. I didn’t feel jealousy towards his new partner, I was just happy for them both.

Moving On

I had a good job and earned more money than my partner, so I said I would move out and find somewhere new and he could move back into our rented house with his girlfriend if he wanted.

Although I knew moving on was the right thing to do, I was ill prepared. My life had been set up as half of a pair. I was now single and had to gear myself up for that.


My circle of friends was amazing. They had been so supportive through the break up. I stayed with a couple of them in the early days. We cried, had a few too many. Went out clubbing and talked everything through.

I rented a house close to a couple of my best friends and started my new life.It was weird at first but once I got used to it the freedom was amazing.I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. I enjoyed the freedom. It was always nice to have company of course but being able to do the things I wanted was liberating.

New Job

To go along with my new life, I got a new job too. I retrained in marketing and social media and I was very lucky to have a friend with an advertising company, she took me on as an intern and eventually I got the hang of things and I managed to get a paid position.

I was actually good at my job and just because my friend gave me my break into marketing didn’t mean I didn’t work hard. I worked my way up to brand manager and worked on some huge campaigns for companies in New York, Milan and London. It was an amazing job.I was really getting there with my new life.


I decided to have a makeover. My look just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I had always wanted hair extensions but never got around to it for some reason. I had them done but they took ages to dry when I washed my hair. I didn’t know the first thing about hairdryers so I looked online and found a great website that helped me make my choice. I bought lots of new clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. It was time for an absolute overhaul of my image. New life, new home, new job and new me.

I started having facials, I wanted to spoil myself. I worked hard and things had been quite stressful. The facials really helped my skin and my skin was so good, I didn’t need foundation. If I wanted to put anything on my skin, I would use BB cream. This gave basic coverage, moisturised with SPF to protect your skin from UV.

I changed my make up too. I treated myself to a consultation with a beautician and we went through colours, looks and styles. My make over was complete and I now felt like my move into my new life was almost done.


My life was crazy but I always made time for my friends and family. I would travel out of state once a month to go and see my mom and dad and I was lucky enough to live and work around my best friends. We go to dinner and go to clubs and have a great time. I have told my story to many people in similar situations to mine, I always try to explain that moving on isn’t so bad, we all deserve to be happy after all.