Planning a Late Evening or Night Wedding

Weddings can happen any time of day and night, and when you plan one, you need to make sure you have everything planned out.

One of the upcoming trends is the night weddings. These weddings start anything from 7 pm, and some run throughout the night. These weddings can be fun, but they can be tough when it comes to planning and implementing them.

Let us look at the various things to consider when planning a late evening or late night wedding.

Check for Noise Permission

You need to check the town or the venue for a noise ordinance. Many people in the towns sleep early, so you need to make sure you don’t disturb them otherwise you might find yourself at the wrong end of the law.

Make sure the venue is in a place that allows you to have fun without disturbing the neighbours.

One of the ways to combat noise is to ask the venue owner where to redirect the noise.  The venue might prefer the DJ or band to face a certain direction or to set up the platform in a certain direction to help combat the noise. Do this to make sure the party that you planned to have all night does not have the plug pulled before it even starts.

Schedule the Time

One of the issues that brides face is the failure to come up with a schedule for the wedding. Coming up with a schedule entails knowing the time zone so that you know when the sun sets. This is very imperative when you plan to get the photos you want in the light. If you plan to have a wedding in the moonlight, make sure you have enough light to take all the pictures you want.

Book Guest Rooms

Don’t make a mistake of not booking accommodation for the guests. If possible, make sure the rooms are in the same venue as the wedding, so that you don’t have to keep your guests in different places. If you plan to paint the town red the whole night, then you need to know who will sleep and who won’t want so that you don’t waste money on rooms.

Have Designated Drivers

If you plan to spend the night on the town, hopping from bar to bar, you need to have drivers for your guests. This means you need alternative transportation for your guests, especially those that don’t know the town well. If the wedding is far from the accommodation, let the guests leave their cars at the hotel and take a shuttle to the wedding venue and take them back later.

The Attire

The attire that the guests will adopt will be different from the one that you adorn for a day wedding. Have a specific dressing code and communicate this to the guests early in advance so that they don’t fall short. Evening weddings are usually more formal compared to traditional weddings

Opt for the Weekend

If you wish to have more fun and guests, then it is imperative that you stage the wedding on a weekend when your guests have more time for the wedding. Your guests can party knowing that they don’t have to go to work the next day.

The Benefits

Many people have got used to daytime weddings, and they have made the photography too routine, in such a way that the events are over before even the rays of the evening sun come out. When planning an evening wedding, you are assured of capturing the stunning scenery for awesome wedding photos. With the right photographer, you will have the best photographs to make your memories last. Go to go to  to start working with professionals.

The wedding reception also looks glamorous. You get to set up a ballroom for the reception. For those people that love realistic environments, a ballroom filled with daylight doesn’t give the same impression like a ballroom filled with the night light.

If you decide to have fireworks for your wedding, then go for the evening sky that will show the fireworks the best way. Choose different colors to make the wedding more fun.

Final Words

Plan your late evening or night wedding the right way so that you have all the fun and make the memories last.