Proven Fitness Options for Busy Individuals

Workers in an office environment are usually strapped for time. The demands of the typical nine to five (especially when a long commute is involved) don’t leave room for much else, let alone fitness. Your lunch hour (or less if your boss is a jerk) is sacred and should be used to enjoy your food and chat freely. Once your shift has ended you return home and maybe you’re not interested in venturing out again that evening. However, while you may hate your boss you love yourself and would like to take care of that body of yours, so here are X methods of achieving a solid workout from home.

All the weight you ever need to move is already on you

If you looking to minimize cost and space used look no further. With variety limited only by resources and personal ability, body weight exercises are an easy go-to. Be it a basic routine of push-ups, sit-ups, standing squats, and planks or one of any new circuit routines, body weight training can more than suit your needs. If you need ideas, check out this article on Livestrong.

For those looking more for strength free weights have got you covered

Free weights have been a popular form of training in some form or another for centuries and for obvious reason. What you may not know is that a while less intense than a HIIT workout, free weight training does possess cardiovascular benefits. It does require a bigger budget and more space than your average body weight set up but muscular hypertrophy can only be achieved through overloading so if you want that Venice beach body, free weights are the way forward. If you need some ideas or inspiration should get you on track to building your at home dream gym.

If you want to row but don’t live on a lake

Anyone that’s ever rowed before will tell you it’s a full body workout. It can be as intense as you make it and utilizes the majority of your major muscle groups while being minimal impact on your joints. Everyone doesn’t have the benefit of being on or near the water, however.  For those people, there’s the rowing machine and it’s sure to deliver. They’re a great addition to an at home gym or as a stand alone method of fitness and are also good for those with limited space as most models store vertically. If you’re in the market for a rower Top Fitness Magazine has a variety of models in a multitude of price ranges.

We simply can’t forget the time-tested classic that is the recumbent bike

Having been around for decades in one form or another, the recumbent bike has been a gym staple for ages. Newer models offer varying levels of resistance and multiple training modes allowing for individuals of any fitness level to challenged. There are entire fitness programs focused on cycling and rightfully so. Cycling is a scientifically proven way to burn fat and build lean muscle without heavy wear and tear of the joints. If you’re interested in giving one of these machines a spin is a great place to start.

Any of these and a balanced diet are all that’s needed to be a healthier you

While I wish exercise enabled me to swan dive into a hill of donuts, the truth is a responsible diet is also important. Fortunately, this is simple. Food is just energy. Some energy is more efficient and less detrimental to those unable to put in a hard training session. With a little discipline and work ethic, you’ll surely reach and exceed your fitness goals. Happy training.