Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

You may be new to riding a motorcycle but one thing is for sure, you never stop learning. Now that you can ride a bike you will realise how many things there are still to learn. As a new rider, the first few months of riding your bike, are when you realise how little you know.

Motorcycle Gear

This is a fundamental necessity. You must wear the proper motorcycle gear every time you get on your bike. Not only do they protect you, but you will get an increase in confidence from knowing you are wearing the correct gear.

You can’t skimp on this part so it’s important you research motorcycle gear and make sure you have the essentials you require. A good site is Bikers Basics as they give you guides on clothing and equipment and they also review the best gear. Having good clothing and equipment will give you valuable peace of mind and security. Never think that you don’t need protective clothing as you are a careful rider so won’t have an accident. An accident is just that and can happen to anyone. This is the minimum gear that you should buy:

  • Full face helmet. This is your most important piece of motorcycling gear. Above all, make sure that it fits you correctly. Choose a helmet with proper measurements not just L, XL etc. You need to ensure your helmet is comfortable as you are going to be wearing it a lot.
  • Motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets used to be really heavy. However, modern technology has led to better jackets made from the latest materials. Choose either a classic leather jacket or one made from a modern textile material. Whichever you buy, ensure it has armor protection.
  • Motorcycle gloves. There are some people who ride a motorcycle without wearing gloves. Don’t be one of them. Buy some properly fitting, well made, gloves that will not only protect your hands from injury but also keep them warm and dry. Make sure your gloves are armored and have palm protection.
  • Motorcycle boots are the best as they have great protective properties. If you don’t want to buy motorcycle boots, at the very least you need very sturdy boots.
  • Riding pants. You can buy motorcycle pants or over pants that you can wear over normal clothes. Either type will protect you in case of an accident.

Buying a Motorcycle

If you don’t already have a bike, then I am sure you are already looking to buy. Just be aware that your first bike may end up being a little worse for wear. You will be trying to learn how to properly ride your bike and will no doubt have a few mishaps. Your bike is very likely to get damaged. So you may have your eye on a new expensive motorcycle but a better option may be to buy a cheap bike first. In six months or so when you are a competent rider, then you can buy the flashy bike you have set your heart on.

Learn to Ride Your New Bike

Unless you passed your test on your current bike, you will have to learn how to ride a new bike. All bikes are different. Even if you buy the same model that you learnt to ride on, it will be different. Take some time to learn everything you can about your bike. From the basics like how is its fuel consumption, which will tell you how far you can travel on a tank, to learning its idiosyncrasies. You need to be able to ride this specific bike.

Bike Maintenance

Not only do you need to know how to ride your bike, but also how to check it and look after it. If you know any bikers, ask them to help you. At a minimum, you should be able to check the tyres, oil, lights and your cables. Get in the habit of checking it over both before your journey and after. Wash and check your bike after a long journey. You will soon learn to spot when something is wrong with your bike.

It is an exciting time, now that you have passed your test and can ride your motorcycle solo. Sign up for more bike training though as soon as you can.