Tips to Lose Weight With Indoor Cycling

Cycling is a popular activity, both in the rural and urban settings. While some people do cycling as a form of transport, other do so for sport and leisure. However, there is a special group that would do so specifically with the aim of losing weight in the process. In this case, it is important to understand how best to structure the workout that would set it apart from the normal cycling for leisure. Cycling helps preserve the muscle mass which helps improve body appearance and make the body healthier. However, it is important to note here that the normal outdoor leisurely bike rides would not do much in terms of helping lose weight but indoor cycling can. Cycling Plaza notes that it would be prudent to understand how best to get the most out of an indoor cycling routine.

Eat before cycling

One of the best routines when it comes to indoor cycling for losing weight is to ensure that you eat before you ride. As much as there have been theories discouraging exercise on a full stomach, this does not apply here since your body will need the energy to ride hard and in the process get maximum benefits. A slice of toast with jam, a small banana or some whole grain cereal would do 30 minutes before the session starts. Apart from helping fuel up the whole workout, eating helps improve the metabolism rate, thus burning extra calories. To top it all, water would need to be an essential part of this process. Drinking helps in burning calories and metabolism humming.

Check pace and difficulty

When cycling indoors with the aim of losing weight, it is advisable to vary pace and difficulty. Just the same way interval training can pump up metabolism compared to exercising at a steady rate, indoor cycling does just the same. This should be taken as a way of ticking the body into burning calories much faster through an alternation of harder pedaling bursts with more comfortable paces. At the same time, this action triggers greater exercise post-oxygen consumption, otherwise known as the after-burn effect.

Splitting workout is another effective strategy when it comes to indoor cycles for losing weight. For those who do not have the time for a 45-minute cycling class, then two 25-minute solo sessions would do. One may even consider pushing harder during the shorter session, thus helping torch more calories. Whichever way will be adopted, this would help reap the after-burn effect two times in a day. The other option is to do the different type of ride every day. This would mean alternating between strength, endurance, interval and race oriented rides. Vey the intensity to help align your body into torching calories much faster during and the cycling process.

Resistance training

The goal of any form of exercise is to have lean muscles. This would mean higher resting metabolic rate (RMR), which will be instrumental in burning more calories all day. To improve muscle outside the cycling area, it is advisable do at least one set of strength training workouts for each basic muscle group. This can be done up to three times weekly. This would help add muscle mass and in the process crank up your RMR.
In addition to this, replenishing of your muscles would need to be one of the priorities. Take in a combination of proteins and carbohydrates within an hour after your workout to help replenish your muscle glycogen stores. This would keep your muscles and metabolism working effectively, thus preparing your body for the next workout.

No dietary free pass

There has been a misconception regarding indoor cycling that since this is a high-intensity exercise; one has the freedom to eat just anything for the sake of energy. Nothing could be further from the truth. As much as it is advisable to eat before the exercise, this should not be a leeway to eat just anything. The truth is that even if you were to ride like you would not do it again, you are not likely to burn more than 600 calories in just 45 minutes. To lose one pound of weight, one would need to burn an extra 3500 calories. This, therefore, means if you decide to take a piece of chocolate cake, you will be consuming 537 calories, thus eliminating all the effort that had been done during the cycling process.

Finally, ensure that you keep moving. Despite being exhausted from all the exercise, this should not be an excuse to relax back and rest on the sofa all day. This would be jeopardizing the calorie-burning effect of the whole cycling workout. The best way is to stay active through the day with various other tasks that would keep you busy. By getting the right bike for the process, this would be the start of a journey that will improve your appearance for the better.